BriPower™ ZGX series
Bi-directional/Regenerative AC/DC Power Supply & LOAD
●Compact modular design, 15KVA in 4U.
    Max 960KVA by master/slave paralleling
●AC Output : 300V L-N(DC~1000Hz), 450V L-N(DC~70Hz). 
                           30A/ph (3-phase) or 90A (single phase)
●DC Output : 0-636V.                         
                           30A/ph (3-phase) or 90A (single phase)
●AC+DC Mode : Max Power, Voltage and Current are the same as DC Mode. 
●RLC/RCD Load Simulation
    R : 0.1~1000Ω range,   L : 0.1~5000mH range,   C : 0.001~5mF range

LAB/HP Series

Controllable, Programmable DC source
●3kW to 1.4MW
  • ●Output voltage up to 1500V (2000V)
  • ●Output current up to 50000A
  • ●Standard input voltages DC&AC also according to customer requirements
  • ●30kW in 3U


Controllable, Programmable DC source with integrated load
●Power from 1.2kW to 5kW

  • ●Output voltage up to 600V
  • ●Output current up to 200A
  • ●Dimensions 19" x 2 HE x 440mm
  • ●integrated load; voltage controlled
  • ●for 2-quadrant operation
  • ●Compact design
  • ●Low noise level for comfortable working in close proximity to the device
  • ●Simple operation via front panel
  • ●Indication via graphic display
  • ●Constant current, voltage, resistance, power operation and simulation of PV
  •     characteristics
  • ●With integrated load; voltage controlled 300W to 2000W for 2-quadrant
  •     operation

EAC-AFV Series

Controllable, Programmable AC source switch mode
●Power from 15kVA up to 2000kVA

  • ●Output voltages 0VAC up to 700VAC / 1000VDC per phase
  • ●Maximum currents up to 2000A per phase
  • ●Simulation of 1- and 3-phase networks (worldwide)
  • ●Variable frequency from up to 2000Hz, sine, square, triangle
  • ●Indication via graphic display
  • ●Measurement of voltage, current effective, average, peak current, active power,
  •     reactive power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor
  • ●Constant voltage and constant current operation
  • ●Storage locations for freely programmable waveforms (WAV files), can be
  •     imported via an external SD card
  • ●10 memory locations to store the current configuration
  • ●External oscillator input +/- 10V with adjustable delay up to 70ms
  • ●Digital interfaces IEEE, RS-232/485, USB, LAN
  • ●Analog interface galvanically isolated: 0V to 5V or 0V to 10V

EAC-S Series

Controllable, Programmable AC source 
•Power from 250W to 10kW

  • •Output voltage up to 700VAC / 1000VDC
  • •Output current up to 2000A
  • •Output frequency up to 2000Hz
  • •Indication via graphic display
  • •Linear regulated output stage, distortion factor at Pmax: 0.1%

LAB/HPR Series

Bidirectional DC source/sink with energy recovery 
•Power from 7kW to 1.4MW

  • •Output current up to 50000A
  • •Output voltage up to 1500V
  • •Power ranges 7kW to 504kW available for each nominal output voltage
  • •Constant voltage (0 to 100%), constant current (0 to 100%), constant power
  •   operation (5 to 100%)

EAC-4Q-GS Series

Bidirectional AC source/sink with mains feedback
•Single system from 30kVA to 500kVA and parallel up to 2MVA and more

  • •Output voltage 300VAC
  • •Output current up to 758A per phase
  • •Bidirectional current flow, regenerative up to 100% of the nominal output power 
  •  back to the mains
  • •Output voltage and phase angle adjustable per phase
  • •Sequence Programming for output voltage, phase angle, harmonics and output   frequency
  • •Independent three-phase output
  • •Supports LVRT testing of photovoltaic inverters (testing under voltage dips)
  • •Can be used for the anti-islanding test according to IEC62116-2008 (option   -62116)
  • •LAN/RS485 interfaces (standard), RS232/analogue interfaces (optional)
  • •Can be used as regenerative AC load (option -LD)
  • •Units of the same power can be connected in parallel, 4 units can be
  •  connected  in parallel (standard)
  • •Remote inquiry
  • •Output protection
  • •Switchable insulation monitoring
  • •Mod-Bus/SCPI protocols

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